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Full line of systems

Communify Health provides a full line
of highly customizable, high-powered systems
that can be tuned for
your organization's specific needs

All of our systems are modular, secure, standards compliant and scalable. So whether you are looking to upgrade your entire PACS system, add a few advanced or specialty features, or improve your collaboration capabilities within and/or across organizations, Communify Health has a solution for you.

Designed for efficiency,
designed for collaboration

All Communify systems contain a number of advanced features designed to streamline physician and medical physicist workflows, reduce IT management time and improve collaboration to help unify communities within and across hospitals.

Schedule a call with us to discuss the challenges your organization is facing and see if there are tools we already have, or can create, to help you solve your specific issues.

Real Trials, Real Verification, No Risk

All Communify systems are available in risk-free trials.
Start today with a live demo and then
deploy a real trial in your environment at no cost.
In most cases, you can re-use your existing hardware,
so there are no capital expenditures required.

Live Demo


Collaborate with hospitals using any PACS
or Treatment Planning Systems

Our collaboration platforms allow seamless collaboration across healthcare organizations with different PACS.

If your organization is looking to expand collaboration with multiple hospitals, please contact us to find out how we can help you.

HL7 & Supplemental Data Integration

Lets you gather information about patients and access supplemental information in a centralized location through any of our applications.

Communify PACS and Storage systems provide seamless integration with RIS, HIS, dictation/transcription and patient support documentation such as scanned patient worksheets.

Next generation, scalable
and distributed systems

Communify's storage platform frees hospitals from expensive branded hardware lock-in while providing low-cost, high-performance, high-availability software designs that can dramatically reduce downtime and save up to 80% on backup and storage costs.

Storage Lifecycle Management

For larger data archives, Communify's systems feature integrated multi-tier storage lifecycle management to help you automatically achieve the best combination of high performance and low-cost archiving.


You can use your existing hardware

All our systems are built to be able to run on generic server hardware and to be easily scaled, managed and migrated. Our services use advanced modular designs that allow you to increase capacity as your organization expands without having to commit to massive capital expenditures up front.

Organizations can often add our services to their existing infrastructure without purchasing new hardware. Simply add our systems into your under-utilized servers and make the most out of your existing investments.